Studio Colette: Digital Fine Art

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean by "digital fine art"?
  • 'Digital Fine Art' represents my body of work in which I take my DIGITAL photograph and enhance my image using DIGITAL paintbrushes from my computer editing software. I enhance my photographs to render more of a painted quality. Some images lend themselves to feel more like an oil while others convey more of a watercolor feeling. Please notice the lighting in my work, as I work so hard to capture just the right light when I set up my pieces and/or capture the image outside. 'Fine Art' is because I use the fine art papers and inks preserving the high quality of my work, in addition to hand-signing all my pieces and numbering my canvas pieces…ALL in my CA Studio.
  • Are you the only one doing this?
  • I am NOT the only one doing this. Digital Art is a fairly new medium but many artists are using their computers to bring their photographs to a new level of art.
  • What is "giclee" and how do you say it?
  • Giclee, pronounced "ghee-Clay" is another word for a museum quality print.
  • Can I deviate from the sizes you offer?
  • Sure. Call/email and we’ll discuss this further.
  • Do you suggest I frame my canvas giclee?
  • People generally purchase my canvas pieces because they love the look of my art on the canvas AND without a frame. I spend hours of editing to be able to gallery wrap the canvas around the sides of the stretchers, preserving the integrity & quality of the piece. There are no visible staples on the sides of the stretchers which eliminates any need to frame. HOWEVER, if you have a personal preference of really liking framed canvas - then of course, do what makes you happy!
  • I’d like to frame my canvas giclee...can I do that with the slightly wider stretchers?
  • Sure you can.
  • Is it easy to find frames for the print sizes you offer?
  • Yes. I purposely selected print sizes that would fit 'readymade' frames one can find at most department or home stores. Please note, my prints will come with a white border enabling you to place the print right into a frame 'as is', OR, you can mat the print and go to a larger standard frame size. Special note. Window Images & Triptychs will have a very narrow border which will NOT be visible in most frames to achieve proper art appearance.
    Here’s what I mean:

    Print & Frame Size       Print & Frame Size
    Without A Mat            With A Mat (many frames include a mat!)

    11” x 14”                    16" x 20" (mat will have an 11x14 opening)
    16” x 20”                   20" x 24" (mat will have a 16x20 opening)
    24” x 36”                   no 'readymade' 30x42 frame with mat found
  • How long will it take for my order?
  • I can turn it around in 2-4 weeks. If you need it yesterday, I’ll work with you!
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
  • Check prepayment, Paypal, Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Discover.
  • How do I place my order?
  • Simply order from the website which is secured against identity theft. If you are paying by check, you’ll have to email your order directly to me at the address below and I will give you instructions how to proceed.